Successful Inventions From Shark Tank

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If you are a budding inventor you have likely watched the TV show Shark Tank, in which would be inventors hawk their products to the Shark Tank team to try to sell their ideas for big bucks. Hundreds of products have been shown in more than five seasons of episodes. Some win and some lose, but even out of the ones that seemingly win, only about half every truly make any money.

Here are several of the most successful of those inventions from Shark Tank:

  1. AVA the Elephant

One of the cutest ventures to appear on the show that made the cut was AVA the Elephant. A mom by the name of Tiffany Krumins invented AVA to help moms and dads everywhere give their sick kids their medicine in a more kid-friendly way. Initially, even though she didn’t even have a patent (which places like InventHelp can make sure you have for your inventions!) one of the show’s stars, Barbara Corcoran, decided to buy into the idea at 50 percent and gave Tiffany $50K to start. Since then, the cute elephant has really caught on and it’s now sold in well-known places like Walgreens and CVS, as well as in ten different countries, and it has brought in more than a million bucks.

  1. Pork Barrel BBQ

Back in 2009, two folks named Brett Thompson and Heath Hall hawked their BBQ sauce to the Shark Tank team. Once again, Corcoran was the one who took a chance at 50 percent of the business and paid them $50K. The duo caught her interest when they said they already had 10,000 units ready for sale, and said they would wear a pig suit if the BBQ didn’t fly off the shelves.

Well, they didn’t have to do that, as since that timeframe they have had huge successes, with even business from NASCAR and country western singer George Straight as well as their own restaurant featuring it in Alexandria, Virginia. They expanded to several other products in their line and have made more than four million bucks. That’s a tasty deal!

  1. Scrub Daddy

Back in 2012, who would have thought a cute little yellow sponge with a happy face on it would earn their inventor more than 18 million bucks! To say they cleaned up would be an understatement for sure. This handy dandy product came from Aaron Krause. The Shark Team fought over him, and Lori Greiner managed to be who got 20 percent of the sponge deal for $200K. You can now buy this little yellow sponge on QVC, as well as Amazon, etc. It’s sold in thousands of stores.

  1. Kodiak Cakes

If you think that last product made a lot for its inventor, it’s nothing compared to this one! This yummy pancake mix has netted more than 54 million bucks as of 2017! It was on Shark Tank back in 2013 and invented by Joel Clark. The Shark Tank crew lost out on this one however because Clark didn’t want to sell more than 10 percent of his company to them.  Now he also has frozen versions of pancakes and waffles.

  1. Readerest

Do you wear glasses to read? Did you ever have an issue with not having a decent place to put them when you wanted to stop reading? Well, enter Readerrest, a magnetic holder for your glasses that clips to a shirt. Lori Greiner jumped at the chance to invest in the product, which was created by Rick Hopper. She bought a whopping 65 percent of this company for $150K and since its start in 2013, it’s made more than 8 million dollars. Hopper also made deals with well-known companies Walgreens, QVC, Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware.

  1. Cousins Maine Lobster

Another successful food product seen on the Shark Tank Show was Cousins Maine Lobster. They wanted to sell lobster rolls on the West Coast, and it was invented b Sabin Lomac and his cousin Jim Tselikis. It started off in Los Angeles back in 2012. Once again it was Corcoran who bought into a deal and gave the cousins $55K to buy trucks, etc. Since then, the cousins have made more than $20 million bucks, and also have a store online.

  1. Squatty Potty

With the hubbub about toilet paper in 2020 you may be interested in this bathroom helper. It’s merely a plastic stool that helps you sit properly on the toilet so you can have a bowel movement easier. It came out in 2016 and Geiner invested $500K in this item, invented by Bobby Edwards. At one point it sold more than a million bucks worth of them 24 hours after the Shark Tank show aired. In truth, scientific studies have proven this little stool will indeed help make your bathroom trips easier. And it has helped its investors make over $30 million bucks.

  1. Ring

Security is always a big deal, and this product has made its inventor and investors more than a BILLION bucks! It came out in 2013 and its CEO Mr. James Siminoff hawked it on the show. While the Shark Tank team seemed bored with it, the inventor made big with his product and even got basketball star Shaquille O’Neal to be his spokesperson.

  1. Mission Belt

A belt may seem like a lowly item, but it is a needed item to hold up your pants. This belt is unique because it doesn’t have notches. It has a special release clasp instead. It came out in 2012 and was founded by Zac Holzapel and his partner Jeff Jensen. Shark team member Daymond John bought into it. The two founders also donated a buck from each sale to help fund loans for small business owners. Since that time it has made more than 25 million bucks.

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